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Ask about NAC's Insurance Solutions

National Automobile Club has decades of experience partnering with auto insurance companies to provide outstanding 24/7 emergency roadside assistance. Every insurance company that we speak with asks different questions when it comes to choosing a roadside provider. We invite your insurance company to ask National Automobile Club about our insurance solutions.

Below are some of the questions that National Automobile Club has been asked by auto insurance carriers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Does NAC offer the ability to customize programs?

2. Emergency services can be expensive, how much does service cost?

3. I have a variety of auto policyholders with different vehicle types, will only some policyholders get coverage?


1. NAC will work with your insurance company to create a custom roadside program fit to your auto policies. Custom programs can be designed to enhance service and minimize costs. Providing your auto policyholders with a trusted and reputable provider to arrive quickly when they request emergency roadside assistance.

2. Emergency service can be expensive but partnering with National Automobile Club can help save up to 20% on services. NAC has access to 75,000 service providers nationwide and has contracted rates with our in-network providers. Our in-network providers agree to giving lower rates in exchange for a larger volume of services, providing cost-savings that are lower than the national base average rates. These savings get passed on to the customer.

3. National Automobile Club provides 24/7 nationwide emergency roadside assistance to all vehicles. NAC may be the only or one of a few roadside assistance providers capable of offering commercial roadside assistance to any vehicle. If your insurance company offers one or a mix of other types of auto policies like personal, commercial, motorcycle, classic car, RV, non-standard, liability-only then National Automobile Club is the provider you need.

Include NAC in your next RFP or contact National Automobile Club to speak directly with an Account Executive about any questions you may have.




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