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How National Automobile Club Continues To Upgrade Service

National Automobile Club has always focused on providing exceptional service through its large nationwide network, with access to over 75,000 service providers and thousands of contracted service providers. NAC’s network is managed from US call centers and remote call center operators, enabling 24/7 service coverage.

However, it isn’t the number of service providers or call center operators that set NAC apart, it’s the quality-of-service providers. Over the past 97 years, NAC has established long-lasting relationships with service providers to meet the needs of our customers.

Our roadside assistance program is used by the US Federal and State Governments, fleets, insurance companies and countless businesses nationwide. With a diverse client base, NAC and service providers have managed to provide service for all vehicles (class 1-8) and equipment, 24/7 nationwide. NAC has towed tanks & military vehicles, airplanes, large construction equipment, fire trucks, 18-wheeler refrigerated truck, RV’s, buses, limousines and many more unique vehicles. NAC’s experience and service provider network provide clients with peace of mind by reducing downtime and costs. On average, service providers arrive within 60 minutes or less from dispatch and contracted providers can offer up to 20% savings on service.

NAC is upgrading its roadside assistance app to connect drivers, commercial clients, towing and roadside assistance professionals. The upgraded mobile-app will include GPS enabled live-tracking and chat technology, allowing for transparency and improved communication with customers. Refining the digitalization of roadside assistance and customer experience is the next chapter in NAC’s story.

NAC is committed to optimizing the customer and vendor experience powered by digital solutions.

For more information on NAC’s service, please contact [email protected] and NAC at

About National Automobile Club (NAC) Established in 1924, NAC continues its mission to connect motorists in need with exceptional towing and roadside assistance professionals. NAC partners with automakers, insurance companies, fleet companies, fuel card companies and many other commercial companies who need 24/7 nationwide service for drivers operating any type of vehicle (class 1-8). NAC is known for designing custom, cost-saving towing and roadside assistance programs for their commercial partners with the added benefit of boosting brand loyalty through extraordinary service.


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