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3 Signs That Your Commercial Auto Insurance Company Needs to Change Roadside Assistance Providers

Commercial auto insurance companies that offer commercial roadside assistance with policies are one step ahead of their competitors that do not offer this essential service. Using this added-value service to bolster your company’s reputation and service offerings can make a positive difference. After all, brand reputation is everything nowadays!

However, if your company is tied to a commercial roadside assistance company that exhibits any of the traits mentioned below, you may want to consider switching providers sooner than later.

1. Expensive Rates

2. Slow Response & Service

3. Poor Communication

Expensive Rates

Commercial roadside assistance companies with rates that are too pricey may be having issues with their contracted service providers and this is a tell-tale sign that everything is not alright. Another reason that expensive rates can garner customer complaints could be due to an outdated program. A program review should take place once a year and not once every ten years! Some commercial auto insurance policies may feature a reimbursement program created a decade ago with unadjusted rates.

With the overall demand for commercial roadside assistance growing over the last decade and expected to grow during this decade, towing & roadside professionals have increased costs. Customers may react with shock when viewing their monthly bill, noting how the allotted reimbursement amount was of little value.

NAC works with service providers to provide contracted rates that provide cost-savings for customers. Our contracted vendor network provides discounted services in exchange for a large volume of services and these discounts get passed on to the customer.

Slow Response & Service

Slow response times are never a good thing, especially when commercial clients can’t afford to be waiting for hours to receive service. If your current roadside provider is frequently having issues with response or service, then it is time to move on. This indicates that your roadside company may not have access to an extensive network of providers or has been sending unqualified providers to perform service.

Your customers time is valuable and every second counts when creating a positive and lasting experience. NAC has amassed a large network of service providers over 97 years capable of providing 24/7 nationwide service to all vehicles (classes 1-8).

Poor Communication

Poor communication with your roadside provider can lead to many regrets. If your roadside provider is slow to respond to your commercial auto insurance company’s requests, then it is likely slow to respond to your customers. Poor Communication can cause inefficiency and confusion. When service issues arise, your commercial auto insured customers are blaming your company and not the roadside company.

NAC understands that brand reputation and building brand loyalty are crucial to the success of the commercial auto insurance companies we partner with. NAC has taken steps to become available 24/7 and communicates regularly with our commercial customers.

There’s no time like the present to gift your commercial auto insured peace of mind. Make the switch and partner with National Automobile Club to start building brand loyalty with your customers.

Commercial auto insurance companies interested in learning more should contact [email protected] and visit NAC at

About National Automobile Club (NAC) Established in 1924, NAC continues its mission to connect motorists in need with exceptional towing and roadside assistance professionals. NAC partners with automakers, insurance companies, fleet companies, fuel card companies and many other commercial companies who need 24/7 nationwide service for drivers operating any type of vehicle (class 1-8). NAC is known for designing custom, cost-saving towing and roadside assistance programs for their commercial partners with the added benefit of boosting brand loyalty through extraordinary service.



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