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Driven To Succeed, National Automobile Club's 96 Years Of Savings & Service!

National Automobile Club was founded February 28, 1924 and the first headquarters were established at 362 Pine Street San Francisco, California.

Being a roadside assistance startup company in 1924 was vastly different than being a startup in 2020. In the 1920s paved roads were a novelty and vehicle breakdowns along with flat tires were commonplace. During the 1930s vehicles were the preferred method of transportation for US drivers, ending the reign of the horse and buggy much to the delight of auto manufacturers. The need for driver assistance in the USA at that time was extreme and in response to that need, National Automobile Club was established.

Cutting edge driver assistance technology back then was the creation of road signs and maps. Motor clubs like AAA and National Automobile Club hired engineers and cartographers to log the roads. Also, touring departments were created to help drivers plan long-distance trips.

In addition to helping drivers find their way, National Automobile Club offered services such as tire changing, gasoline, oil delivery and on occasions a dog to keep you company as your vehicle was being serviced!

National Automobile Club's history as a roadside assistance provider has always followed the path driven by our customer's needs. Over the decades, this path led to amassing thousands of contracted independent service providers and the ability to access to all other service providers in the USA.

Strengthening the service provider network produced several benefits for every party involved. Service providers secured a large volume of services and in return, National Automobile Club gained access to quality service providers, quicker response times, 24/7 service and the capability to service all vehicle classes 1-8 in the USA. In addition, National Automobile Club received discounted rates on service which were passed on to our customers and continue to be passed down today.

New services were created including lockout service, flatbed towing, accident towing, accident management, winch-outs, battery service and more. Additionally, members could receive legal aid, the national motorist magazine, an international driving permit and discounts on goods and services.

Having decades of collaborative interactions with the insurance industry and various highway public safety agencies, combined with expertise, resources and a successful system in place, National Automobile Club seized the opportunity to serve the needs of the commercial marketplace. In the 1980s National Automobile Club specialized in providing 24/7 commercial roadside assistance, complimenting the existing individual and family memberships.

During the 1990s, auto insurance carriers began utilizing National Automobile Club to dispatch service to their policyholders. All types of policyholders continue to be served, including personal, commercial, non-standard and others. First notice of loss reporting and after-hours claims management are popular services provided for auto-insurance carriers.

Nowadays in 2020, National Automobile Club continues to dispatch commercial roadside assistance for commercial fleets, government fleets, insurance carriers, fuel card companies, auto manufacturers, leasing and warranty companies, and other auto-related companies offering products & services. Additionally, sustaining roadside assistance memberships to California residents only.

National Automobile Club is proud to have assisted millions of motorists since our humble beginnings and we look forward to assisting millions more.

Select National Automobile Club as your roadside assistance provider to start saving up to 20% on services. Plus, enjoy the satisfaction that comes with knowing your vehicles and drivers can count on National Automobile Club when unfortunate events occur on the road.




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